Changes are here to stay and to be successful we need to adapt and take action.

And we all know that change can be uncomfortable.

However, it’s amazing how one small change can have one big impact in your life.

In the same way, a series of small changes in your organisation could bring mammoth results.

I am Nieves(you can find out more about me here) , founder of Fastracktorefocus, a coaching business with a single focus: helping individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential . My philosophy is founded on an attitude of leadership and ‘doing’.  I make things happen and will help you and your organisation build a successful life and a sustainable people centered business.

Whether you are an individual, small and medium enterprise, big organisation or an overseas leader & entrepreneur , I can help you  achieve your goals.

The three most important words for Fastracktorefocus are: Values,Leadership and Drive.

Here I have shared the 3 rules I live and work by and are my guide for my life and business.And this is what my method is based on:

#1 Values: on a personal or organisational level, I will help you to find your values so you can be true to yourself and know your purpose. A profound, valuable and powerful exercise that every individual and organisation benefit from.

#2 Leadership: once you know your purpose, start with the end goal in mind. Create your vision and provide direction while inspiring and walking the talk. Finding the leader within you.

#3 Drive: once you know your values and goals, it is time to take action . Putting a plan in place. And I will help you with it.

This holistic approach helps us be a leader in all aspects of our life, not just in our careers. Because there is only one life , and integrating Life-Work Leadership (LWL) is your way to success.

Most people, at some points in their lives, are leaders. They assume leadership in family situations (children need leading!), on the sport field, and in many other situations, including work. Leadership is not just about the qualities of an elite few or at work, although the leadership skills of chief executives and their teams are of fundamental importance for a business.

In the context of work, what is leadership, how does it differ from management, and are leaders born or can they be developed? How can you reduce employee turnover? How can you stand out with innovation? How can you improve your financials? How can you change your company culture to adapt to the new digital era and demands?How can your employees find meaning at work?  How can you be a successful entrepreneur working abroad?

In the context of life, what is leadership, how can you awake the leader inside you and how this will help your success in life and work? How can you have more time for you and your family? How can you have more time for your personal development? How can you achieve your dreams?Are you living abroad and want to succeed?

I seek to help with these questions. And the answer is driving change within. Within you and within your business.

Coaching is about changing and learning from within, not from an external source. Coaching will act as a catalyst for your change preparing you, your family and your teams to be successful for the rest of your lives, by creating awareness and responsibility.

If you are willing to drive change and strive to make a positive difference, I can help you build a brighter future and a better business for you and for those working in it.

I make it easy for you

Let me help you, your team and organization to become better leaders by going through our bespoke services:  1 to 1 or team sessions, workshops and conferences.

I travel around the country and globe to help you maximize the budget and time you have available: face to face or online individual and team coaching sessions, skype, telephone, Spanish or English sessions depending on your preferences.

As you can see the programs are flexible and focused on individuals, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises  or big organizations but all of them with an unique goal: to make you successful.

If you'd like to take control and make change happen this year, you are only one step away.

Contact me on 07448947145 or send me an email

All the best



All the best


Some testimonials

¨I have had seven coaching sessions with Nieves covering various personal goals from my diet, helping plan things in my life and elements of how to qualify etc. 

I really enjoy the rapport I have with you Nieves. From the first day we spoke you made me feel very comfortable and gave me confidence in myself. You listen well to understand me and reflect back allowing me to process my thoughts more clearly.

You also have the ability to ask good questions and make me aware of my personal strengths, relating them to my goals and then reminding me how I can break down my goals to a manageable size just like I do every day in my working life.

I have enjoyed every session we have had, you understand me well which I appreciate. You are a true professional ensuring good timing is maintained and keep me accountable for my actions - thank you as I truly feel stronger in myself for that.

Nieves, thank you for your great coaching, your understanding, your encouragement and inspiration which I truly appreciate¨

Sandra Rowell


''My coaching sessions with Nieves have been of tremendous help to get step by step closer to my goals, both personal and work related.

Thanks to these sessions I have been able to reach my maximum capabilities.

Her life experiences as well as her leadership and management skills that she has managed to gain throughout her corporative career have really made Nieves guide me in the right direction to reach my targets.

I can say that Nieves is a rigorous, experienced and driven coach with who I have been incredibly pleased to have worked with, I whole heatedly recommend her coaching sessions to anyone that wants to focus, succeed and accomplish their goals'



'The sessions I had with Nieves give me a powerful insights regarding the power and purpose of coaching.She made me realize my strenghts and helped me create a plan to achieve the goals that we spoke about.

I find her listening and questioning skills outstanding and the sessionswith her helped me get a completely new perspective of the goals discussed which led to completition of some of them much quicker than I thought I would be able to.

The positive energy she brings in every session is also something that helps the overall process of achieving'

Stanka Petrova


'Nieves was clear about how coaching would work-four sessions of approximately30 minutes each over an eight week period on a topic to be defined from the outset.Given the clarity of Nieves coaching offer, I knew from the outset exactly what I would receive from my coach and exactly what was expected of me. 

Nieves helped me to shape my goal in session one and ensured I took ownership of the work to be done arising from the subsequent sessions.I achieved my goals;Nieves coaching was invaluable in helping me to identify creative solutions to a number of physical, emotional and confidence obstacles that had to be overcome.Additionally,and importantly,Nieves challenged me to replace the obstacles with positive changes that have exceeded my expectations'



'Working with Nieves has been a great experience as she is a professional .

She is a true leader and knows when to listen and when to ask the right questions and knows how to take out the best in people .

She kept me positive and focused on my goals at all times and always asking questions that were both challenging and necessary at all times. She praised and shared my achievements and kept me determined and motivated.

I really liked when she made me think on what I learned in the session at the end of the it as I realized of all the value I was getting from the sessions.

As a result of my experience of working with Nieves I kept on track of my goals and got more clarity and structure.'

Teresa Escorial