Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.

Start your day

One thing technology hasn’t changed.                               

You won’t live forever. 

So, the first step is to know what do you want? What do you want to start changing?

In your yearly plan write down the things you want to do most in the areas of your life. The things that would make the most difference or bring the biggest happiness into your life.

Keep it simple and focused.

Regret weights more than Fear. But fear looks bigger.

Regret that you didn’t follow your heart to do what you felt compelled to do sneaks up on you over time. And every year regrets grows heavier and that is scary. Regretting what you might have done but never did.

It is better to do and make mistake as always you have the opportunity to amend things by taking a different course or action.

But regret is much harder to resolve.      

You need a Plan. Without planning your chances of success are little

After the wheel, now you know what areas are important for you.

Look at your world from 10,000 feet. It will give you a different perspective.

Pause. A brief pause will help you make a smarter next move.

Slow down.

Start over…If you had to start over, would you do the same?

Reducing your forward momentum is the first step to freeing yourself from the beliefs, habits, feelings, and busyness that may be limiting you.

In all the areas of your life, every year, month, week, day, decide what you want to achieve, be specific, put dates and make decisions.

The decision-making muscle is   like any other, the more decisions you make, the        stronger and better it gets.

Willpower alone will not get you to wherever you want to be.    

What is this year about?

What is this month about?

What is this week about?

What is this day about?

Use the templates and be specific, having a date attached to it.

Work backwards: your month should be aligned with your yearly goals, your week with your month goals…and it keeps going up to your daily goals


Set a plan for your day

Like if it was your very last day. You only have one day like this one. When is over, it will be gone forever: your moments with your family, love, friends, peer… gone. So, you need to make the best of each single day of your life.

Every morning think. What is this day about?

In all 6 areas of your life that are important to you.

Before turning on your computer, sit down with your agenda and decide what will make this day highly successful in each area of your life. Write those things down and don’t forget to classify them by - Frogs -Monkeys -Calls

During the day, you will also have things that come up. Write them down and classify them so you can review and schedule them at the end of the day.

I have also put times for your meetings and 2017 calendar so in one page view you have a visual view of your day, planned activities, activities planned for all your priorities (not only work), meetings and new items that come up during the day.

On the back of the page you have template to take notes or action points during a meeting, to help you to get used to have a clear goal for the meeting, outcome, responsible person and deadline.

30 minutes before the end of your work day, review what you have achieved and plan the following day agenda and scheduled activities so when you finish your shift, your mind if free to focus in the other areas of your live.

When you get into this routine, you will see that starting your shift it is much easier as you are rested and you have pretty much the day planned. You will only need to review.

Your personalised agenda-Monthly habits

Your personalised Wheel of Life & Action Planning