8. Mar, 2017

Women and Leadership

Today, the International women's day , I strongly recommend you to watch Sheryl Sandberg's TED Talks:


Yes,  we have slowly and steadily made progress, earning increasingly more of the college degrees, taking more of the entry-level jobs, going into previously male-dominated fields, moving up each step of the ladder. But there is one big exception to this improvement -- the top jobs. Thirty years later, we have not come close to holding our proportional share of positions of power in any industry.

We need to ask ourselves what is within our area of control? Should we just complain or should we take an active role and control our futures?

Sheryl offered three messages to women who want to stay in the workforce: (1) Sit at the table -- have the confidence to reach for opportunities; (2) Make your partner a real partner -- share responsibilities at home so you and your partner can both pursue careers; and (3) Don't leave before you leave -- challenge yourself at work so that when you have a decision to make, there are compelling reasons to stay or come back.

I acknowledge it is not easy but if you want to be part of a change , you need to lead the change.

Dedicated to all women. Either with a leader position at home or at work.