14. Apr, 2017

If you treat people like donkeys, they will perform like donkeys.

Many businesses are beginning to recognize that they need to become learning organizations if they are going to stimulate and motivate their staff if they want to cope with the demand of almost continual change, and most important with the demands of their teams. Performance, learning and enjoyment are inextricably intertwined. Performance cannot be sustained where there is no learning or where there is no enjoyment and each individual interpretation of enjoyment is very personal. Here is where leadership and coaching come to play as each person has the tools within and the leader of the organization needs to recognize each of the team members individually and act as a coach.

The carrot and the stick approach are pervasive and persuasive motivators but if you treat people like donkeys, they will perform like donkeys

Think about sport performance and their results: it is driven by a desire for self-worth and identity. To be successful in life and at work, you also need that desire to self-worth and identity.

The carrot and the stick are old fashioned and the stick is becoming more and more politically incorrect. Companies are being obliged to consider more carefully their ethics and values. The companies that will succeed in the future are the ones that invest in their people, ensure they have a customized learning and development plan so employees will be enjoying what they are doing, hence they will be self-motivated.

Putting employees first will bring performance and successes but not the other way around. Same way that a person with a great CV won’t necessarily bring great performance as the most important is the attitude like we can see in the following formula:

 V=(K+A) x A.   

Value equals the sum of knowledge plus abilities multiplied by attitude. Meaning that nobody is excellent person for his/her knowledge or experiences (abilities) but instead for the attitude

Leaders, businesses, schools, parents… let’s treat people as individuals so they can use their unique tools they have within, they will enjoy and have the right attitude.

Nice TED talk about motivation. It can be applied in any area of your life.


Thanks for reading! Nieves