17. Apr, 2017

V=(K+A) x A. What goes around comes around. El que siembra, recoge

Let me expand a bit more on my previous blog as during the last few days I have seen how important is to have the right attitude at home and at work. Specially at work.

There are many people that go through their life making this sound every time you ask them something …Uff..Uff..Uff.. ! Have you met them? Or spending their life explaining why they haven’t done something or why things have gone wrong by always finding an excuse. You will notice them because they often use…. because

Let’s not be naïve but we also need to acknowledge that mostly everything is within our area of control, and if it is not, we can choose the right attitude in life and chose how we react to the various situations we face.

The formula is self-explanatory

 V=(K+A) x A.   

Your value as a person equals the sum of knowledge plus abilities multiplied by attitude. The important on this formula is that the knowledge sums, the abilities sum but the attitude multiplies! Nobody is an excellent person for his/her knowledge or experiences (abilities) but instead for their attitude.

And we all like to be with people with the right attitude: your parents, your spouse, your friends, your boss…

There are certain skills and attitudes that allow you to rise to extraordinary success, and attitude is one of them.

Talking about work and leadership, all is about the attitude. And you don’t need a title to be a leader. You need to behave as a leader, showing leadership in your role in order to feel fulfilled , to  be respected , to get that salary increase, to get promoted, not the other way around. You don’t get that bonus, increase and the promotion and as a result  you are respected or you are a great leader. You need to give first to receive. It is the other way around.

From small things that you probably believe are unnoticed to major things like helping, respecting and working in a team, everything counts against your bank account at work and in life (credits vs deposits) .You need 5 deposits to get a credit and having the right attitude will help you to have a healthy bank account: a successful live.

Nice TED talk from my friend Victor Koppers( sorry only available in Spanish)  https://youtu.be/nWecIwtN2ho

Thanks for reading. Nieves