18. Jul, 2017

We all have a secret

We all have a “secret”,a talent, a flow that most of us don’t discover until  later in life, if ever.

Our light comes from within, and when life conspires to turn out that light, we must listen and find it for ourselves, within ourselves. Take your inspiring journey to reconnect with your own light, turn it on, and illuminate the path to your soul’s calling. Once you do, everything in your life reflects back that light as you express the truth of who you really are and start working towards what your life mission is.

Few days ago a friend of mine recommended ´´Light is the new black¨ by Rebecca Campbell .It is one of the most inspiring books I have read lately.

I always think why do we want to learn these life lessons until later in life ? We should be sharing with our kids, at schools and at early stages of our lifes so when we grow and have to start making difficult choices we are better prepared, hence no room for mediocrity neither on our personal nor professional lifes.

Find and Work your Light and you will find happiness!

All the best.


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