25. Jul, 2017

How to Control Meetings: Make Employees Pay for Them!

Have you ever attended a long meeting that nobody follows up upon or where people are not present at all?

It is all about awareness ,accountability and making sure everyone understands the What is in for me?

Awareness about the goals and action items and accountability is about making sure everyone involved ( not only the leader but every attendee) is responsible for the decisions taken and the success of the meeting.

Simple tips:

  • Have an agenda with times and send it in advance
  • Make sure only people with a need to attend the meeting
  • Turn off phones and laptops
  • Ask open ended questions to the attendees to ensure participation, buy in and responsibility
  • For every agreed item ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the outcome needed and why/when/who/how
  • Sum up at the end of the meeting. Ask each attendee to sum up what their actions are including the outcome needed and why/when/who/how to ensure common understanding
  • Ideally send brief minutes 24 hrs later  ( depending on how mature the team is) but be careful! Some people hide behind the minutes and if there are things missing and they didn’t follow up on them ,  they will say ‘ it was not on the minutes’ !

When you multiply the salary per person/hour of all attendees you will see that meetings can be very expensive, especially if actions are not followed up! We value commodities but the one that is less respected is time, cause it is less tangible and we assume we have plenty. Big mistake.

Nowadays, some practices are in the workplace and one of them, that makes every single attendee responsible for the success , is making employees to pay for meetings!

The following approaches allows those in the trenches to make the best decisions with ample information about the scarcity and value of the key commodity--time.

Make employees pay for the meetings so they have less of and more productive. Doesn’t need to be a big amount but some money they have to put either per meeting, if they run late, if actions are not followed up, or if meeting is overruns.

Or incentivizing productive meetings and accountability by rewarding the opposites to the above either individually or as a team.

Hope you enjoy your next meeting!

All the best.


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