16. Aug, 2017

Holistic Awakening at Work

What do you as an individual value? What does your business or organization value? How are these reflected in the way you work and your daily life? Hopefully, when you consider these questions you can see a clear alignment between what you say and what you do. If not, then perhaps there's some room for improvement.

We are living crucial times in human history. We are in a moment where we are capable of meeting the basic needs of anyone in the planet and social media keep us linked creating more awareness and consciousness of what is our purpose in life. Our work-personal lives are not separated anymore.  We want to find our purpose and meaning and this applies to both, personal and professional lives and companies and leaders should get ready to meet these needs.

Leaders of the future should be obliged to embark on their own journey of personal development to earn the title of leader, in my opinion.  Leaders for the future need to have values and vision and to be authentic and agile, aligned and on purpose. Add awareness and responsibility to the mix, self-belief and a good measure of emotional intelligence and we have a powerful recipe.

The context of leadership has changed grammatically for two reasons in particular. One is that many of the old rules and skills of leadership are no longer relevant to today’s social conditions and entirely new ones are urgently needed. The other is that responsible leadership now demands that leaders make global, social, and environmental issues a priority on a par with, if not ahead of the short term financial success of their organizations.If they do this, they can role model being responsible leaders and they will be as well prepared as they can be to lead their organization through the uncertain future and ensure employees find meaning at work.

Where do we start?

The shortage of leaders applies in all fields, in corporations, in government, in education, in healthcare, in religion. The truth is that while many aspiring leaders have MBA few have actively engaged in personal development.

A listening, learning coaching culture may provide the best chance of riding out the unsettling waves of change that businesses are facing. If managers listen to their people and act on what they hear employees will be happier and perform better and staff turn over will plummet. Companies are called on to live up to the values and ethics they claim in their mission statements.

Why is coaching so important in this? Because a value based future cannot be prescribed by some outside authority. Performance will always be at its best when staff, shareholders, directors, and even customers share the same values, but before that can happen staff need to be encouraged to find out what their own values are.

Organizations may share a purpose or even share values, but how those organizations align their work and lives with their beliefs and values is unique to each company

Many companies claim to be results oriented, but too often, this means completing a checklist of activities rather than increasing the value of the activities they're doing. Companies have to change the way employees think and the way the company thinks about our employees.

Increasing customer value starts with valuing employees. Many companies start coaching and mentoring programs that result in faster internal promotions and a boost to employee morale.

It is important that companies define their purpose, or "what are we here for," defining the values that guide the company as this has purpose and meaning for their employees, a must have nowadays.

If you want to live your values, you can't lose sight of who you are and why you went into business in the first place

Successful Leaders and Companies may each do things a bit differently, but they agree on one thing: your values shouldn't be a static statement sitting on a page. They must be brought to life in the way people and organizations do business, make decisions and live their lives. By aligning organizational and individual values, people are happier and more engaged in their daily work and life and businesses benefit.


Thanks for reading!


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