17. Sep, 2017

1/3 of the workforce in organisations admit that they have never worked for an Inspirational leader

Who are the Leaders who have inspired or influenced you in some way? What top 3 things did you learn from them?

What were/are their traits, qualities and characteristics?

What did they do and how did they behave that had that influence or inspiration upon you?

Leadership  is a  huge topic :

Key ‘leadership’ into any search engine and what do you get?  1.43 billion results!

Key ‘management’ into any search engine and what do you get? 7.19 billion results!

Leadership and management is a  huge cost for an organisation:

Poor quality people management ‘costs employers £84 billion a year’ (www.cipd.co.uk/peoplemanagement/b/weblog 11th September 2015)

Many people in leadership roles don’t always see themselves as leaders because:

1. they don’t recognise their impact

2. they don’t really feel responsible

3. they don’t recognise how much power they have

4. they don’t recognise the power of their role

Many understand the what in leadership:

  • vision
  • strategy
  • implementation
  • management and control

But few understand the how of leadership:

  • painting a compelling picture
  • ‘moving’ people
  • guiding emotions and passion
  • managing energy

So coaching leaders can help them with the ‘HOW’ of leadership

A manager only has two functions: first to get the job done and the second to develop people. But usually managers are too busy doing the first to get around with the second. When the team is managed and inspired  by coaching, the job gets done well ( benefit for the manager)and the team develops at the same time( benefit for the individual and the organisation as a whole). With this method the team members would formulate their various goals, they will provide input for understanding their reality, the resources and ideas of the whole team are employees to brainstorm their options and agreed action plan  is reached and driven forward with their action plan.

All the best.



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