1. Nov, 2017

Take off your shoes

No, I didn’t mess up with the pictures! Keep reading.

I am sure it has happened to you. You are walking, trekking or running with the aim of getting to your destination. Excited that you are finally walking towards that destination that you have been dreaming off for so long…

You want to get there soon, just to get there and feel the excitement of reaching your goal.

However, you are not enjoying the journey as much as you thought. You feel a small stone in the shoe that is hurting you in every step you take. But you feel so excited about just getting there that, even if you are not enjoying the journey, you keep walking. Has this happened to you?

Sometimes we get too stuck in our goals that we don't enjoy the journey. We feel lazy to stop even thought that small stone, or what we think is a small stone, is ruining our journey, our walk.

Very often we behave as a headless chicken. We want to look busy but, we suffer from busyness. And we are neither doing the right things nor enjoying the walk. Just because we want to keep our commitments, our goals, especially if we have made them public, or, even worse, when we are too embarrassed to admit we are changing direction. Nowadays if you don’t follow the crowd, you are the weird one. Does it ring a bell?

And that's ok! It is ok to stop and slow down. Take off your shoe and see what is distracting you, what is hurting you. You are assuming it is a small stone, but often there is nothing there! Sometimes is the way you are walking, sometimes is your shock, sometimes is the shoe that is not the right one for that walk, and you need to make the decision if you want to continue walking, if it is the right path, or the right shoe, or if you need to change shoes, paths or even continue barefoot.

It is ok to stop. It is ok to slow down. It is ok to change shoes and paths.

As a matter of fact, it is not just ok. As a matter of fact, we need to stop and we need to slow down occasionally to ensure we are following our calling, our path. And it is brave to change direction as the most important thing in life is to learn while you walk through your journey.

All the best.