14. Nov, 2017

Your unfulfilled Dreams

Imagine a door in front of you.

As you open it, you find yourself in a room with only a desk and a chair.

You approach towards, you see a book, which has your name on it and “My Unfulfilled Dreams" written next to it.

For the first couple of seconds, you are struck in awe.

And questions start appearing:

What is this? How can this exist?! Do I read it, or not?

You are baffled.

As you open the second page, you see a list of your dreams. The ones that never happened.

And right below each dream, there’s an excuse that you used not to go for it.

Dream: Follow my passion!

Excuse: “But there’s no money in it.”

Dream: Travel the world!

Excuse: “But I don’t have the time.”

And as you go through this book, you start to remember what each one of those dreams meant to you.

Tears start sliding down your face as you reach the end.

Suddenly you stumble upon on one page that has your current age on it and following written:

Yes, you’ve used excuses. But right now that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you are alive now and you still have time left to go after them.

The only thing that is left is to decide whether or not you will use an excuse now?

I’ll let you think about that for a moment.




If you are similar to me, you want to create a life that will help you achieve those dreams.

And the question is ….are you going to continue finding excuses or are you going to start taking action?

If you want to start taking action, you are only one step away.

All the best.


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