16. Nov, 2017

Screw Brexit, the show goes on!

Lately, I have been talking to many people that are putting their plans on hold! Aren’t you tired of Brexit, Trump, the Catalan Independent movement..etc..?

It has been almost a year and a half since the Brexit vote, almost a year since Trump became President and for how long the Catalans have been trying to be independent? Are you really going to put your plans on hold?

Of course there are many things going on around us, unfortunately including wars, and we need to act on them and try to make a change within our area of control.

However,   let go of all the stuff you can't control and start using your time to master what you can control.

So why do most people fail to make changes in their lifes?

Because they leave it up to willpower and always find an excuse outside their area of control.

The solution? Change what you're in control.

What is the reason you can’ t  sleep at night that you would like to change and it is within you area of control?

You mainly need to work on 3 Beliefs

Belief #1:  Something must change

Do you "sort of" want to get into shape, or do you "absolutely have to" lose the weight? Does dropping a few pounds sound "nice", or is living another day in your current body "unbearable"?

In order to make a lasting change you must be convinced that the time has come. Something MUST change and YOU want to change it

Belief #2:  I must change it.

It's vital that you take full responsibility in making the change. Sure, others may assist you, but in the end you're the one who has to make it happen.

You have to want this change enough to make it your personal mission - no-one else will do it for you. Avoid the SHOULD

Belief #3: I can change it.

It's important not to let past failures get in your way. The truth is that you can do amazing things when you put your mind to it.

You must believe you're capable of losing weight or making any other positive change in your life.


All the best.


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