10. Dec, 2017

Tip #2. Follow your values

How good it is my life now but it has not been always like that.

Now I know what I stand for, what my values are, hence I can follow the life of my terms.

I have experience leading multinational companies in different parts of the globe. I have led teams, launched startups, turned around projects and, in a nutshell, made things happen.  Wonderful family and a stable financial life but I was not having quality time with my family nor following my core values.

Four years ago, after a long career (over 24 years!) with my previous employer I decided to make a 180 degree turn in my life to get out of my personal and professional comfort zone and follow our values. We sold our business, quit my senior leadership role, left family and friends behind to move to another country and continue growing. Starting from scratch again with the family (I am extremely proud of them), thanks to our’ can do attitude ‘we are settled down , leading successful businesses again where I can help people to develop and what is most important, building a value driven life.

During my life and career, I learned the importance of having life-work leadership and drive, and all this has to be built from your core values.

Have you ever had the feeling of misalignment with your values? It is a disgusting feeling cause you feel like you are cheating to yourself, like you don’t know where you are going as your values tell you something and you are doing something else. And you have that inner voice asking you everyday …what are you doing?

Everything in life is about, in very simple terms, BE-DO-HAVE:

BE the person you want to be by following your values.

DO whatever it takes to follow your values and passion.

HAVE: By being and doing you will have the life you want to have.

Until I found my values as a person and the values in my organization and business ( that every employee can relate to and follow), there was a misalignment . And when there is misalignment because you are not following your terms you won’t be as fulfilled and as successful as you could.

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All the best