29. Dec, 2017

TIP # 4. SHOW UP IN 2018

Hi there!

If you read my previous posts, now you know your values and how to find the leader within in all areas of your life.

The key now is, not only to accept the change but more important: to show up.

To prepare for the journey, first let’s consider some important points all of them related to a powerful but simple principle: When you are able to collaborate with your mind you get everything you want. The mind is very simple.

If you want to get everything you want, put into place the following things.

Our mind does every you ask her to do.

Your mind listens all the time to your language. The mind is very specific about your language.

It is not positive thinking. It is about collaborating with your mind. Choose your language. Say things like I want to lose weight. I chose to lose weight, I choose to change my career, I chose to write a book, I choose to run the Marathon. Even if it is not true! Yes! The mind doesn’t know the difference.

And always look for pleasure in your language because your mind is hard wired….

Your mind is hard wired.

The mind looks for pleasure and moves away from pain. And you are the only one that can choose if your experiences and language are pleasure or pain. And your mind will remember!

If you say something like I am never going to speak in public again… it is pain. 10 years later when you have to do it, and you completely (you think) forgot about the unpleasant experience when you were young, all the sudden when you have to stand in front of your new audience, you have a panic attack. It is because what you said 10 years ago and because you link that experience to pain.  Instead, say something similar to… I will be the best speaker I can be so I am capable to speak in front of a large audience.

The mind follows 2 things …the picture you make in your head and the words you use.

Visualize positive outcomes and experiences. Use vision boards and always state your goals with positive language.

Instead of saying I want to lose 10 kgs, say I want/ I choose to be healthier and achieve my ideal weight /size of XX.

The mind loves what is familiar.

Procrastinating, not believing in yourself, thinking you are fat, thinking that you are not good enough for that job…. If you keep saying that, the mind will follow as she loves what is familiar.

Not good enough! Stop it.

This is one of the most common problems for people. They think they are not good enough, and your mind listens to your language, hence, you will behave like INDEED, you are not good enough to get that job, to make that speech,you are not good enough for your partner, for your kids…. etc...

You have to make the unfamiliar familiar and the familiar unfamiliar.

It is about faking it. It is people fears that stop them.

Tell yourself you are the best. But you have to works towards it. You have to show up.

You first make sure you believe in yourself. And if you believe in yourself, then people will believe in you and when you do that you never go back cause your mind has expanded and will continue growing.

Your potential expands. Your brain is expanding.

Tell your mind what you want. It is not positive thinking. It is deeper. It is collaboration. And this will give you success not only at work but in every aspect of your life.

It is time to put things into practice to have a good start of the year, and before taking action please remember these principles:

  • Tell your mind what you want
  • Link what you want to pleasure. Look at the way you speak and put pleasure in your words, in your goals, in the way you visualize what you want to achieve
  • Change the picture and the words
  • Do a lot of self-praise and learn to handle negative criticism and not let it in.
  • Put self-belief first as your mind always looks at the familiar. Repeat every day (put it on your PC screen, write it down on your mirror, in your journal…) I am enough. And that belief will make you the best version of yourself.
  • Show up. Doesn’t matter how much you read and learn or how many articles like this one you read. It is about showing up. It is about taking action. Work on your plan for 2018 and allocate time in your diary for your goals and show up. Don’t take a no for an answer. With respect, be persistent.
  • Do what you hate first. Highly successful people get out of their comfort zone and start their day doing what they hate first, so their day runs smoothly. Get used to do that. Go to the gym first thing, Work on that difficult projects first thing. Take the bull by the horns! And this will give you a sense of relief. They take action every single day of the life in the direction of their goals. This is the Universal lesson of life. You have to show up. If you don’t show up, nothing happens. Your presence makes a difference. Being there makes a difference.
  • Make it fun and achievable. The best way to show up is to make it into a habit. Habits are formed when they are easy to do and when they are done continuously. You don’t have to make all the Mamut changes in one day. Take baby steps and celebrate them!

With these principles in mind, the 3 actions to drive the change  you want to introduce in your life are:

  1. Work on your wheel of life to understand what is important to you in all areas of your life.
  2. Get a 2018 calendar (paper/ digital…doesn’t matter. Whatever works for you…) and record your goals with specific and positive sentences. Put deadlines and block time for your daily habits to work towards them. Show up every day!
  3. Find an accountability partner or a coach. Someone that you can trust and share with your goals (if not all, some) that can help you to work towards them and stretch you if needed.

As you start this new journey, you may find that some of these things will resonate with you more strongly than others. Select those actions and new habits that resonate and motivate you as motivation and introducing changes in small steps are key to change and success.

During the last 4 weeks I have been sharing the Top 4 Tips to make 2018 your best year ever.

If you want help with your wheel of life and working towards your goals, contact me. And register here to get simple but useful tips to drive that change in 2018!

All the best