21. Jan, 2018

Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom

Imagine a little child sitting there thinking,¨well, I tried walking yesterday, it didn’t work out. I am not a walker¨

Even if it is mid-January and you are already frustrated about how the year has started, the most important is to 1-acknowledge it and 2- do something about it.

What is not good is to get stuck.

It is ok to stop and go quiet.

Nobody has the right to judge you if that is what your mind and body need.

If that is the space you need to stop that would allow you to refocus and move forward.

Sometimes we go as headless chickens. If you are reading my post regularly, you would have realised that I love that word! I think it represents very well how many people feel.

It is like driving, trekking, diving or whatever you do without an end in mind. They ask you how you are doing, and you answer: Excellent! I am driven fast, trekking for hours or diving BUT you are not getting to your destination because you haven’t planned your journey, or you are trekking for hours, but you haven’t arrived anywhere interesting cause you didn’t know where you wanted to go. Or diving. You love diving, but you haven’t seen anything awesome cause previously you haven’t checked what the best area for diving is! Crazy, isn’t it?

Why do we always plan when we are driving, going on vacations, at work etc but we don’t do this with what is the most precious thing we have? Our time, our life and our lives next to our love ones.

I am talking about me, but I am pretty sure after Christmas and coming back to work I am not the only one feeling off track again.

So, today, go for a walk or take quality time for yourself and think again what is what you want to achieve this year and what contribution you want to make to the world.

It is never late, and you don’t have to make major changes. Sometimes we get overwhelmed about what we want to achieve because we look at the broad picture without chucking things down.

Most of the times it is about taking micro decisions and doing micro blocking: to take that small but important first step that will make a huge impact in your life.

Welcome back and start your fastracktorefocus.

All the best with your journey.