28. Jan, 2018

The power of possibility

Imagine if we freed ourselves to truly think big for the future…. Get that job, have that house,get healthy, open by business…we can have it all in 2018! It is just about changing your mindset.

With the New Year Resolutions, the promise of another clean slate can also trigger feelings of despair. If the past 12 months have been less than plain sailing: if shiny list of past resolutions remains stubbornly unresolved, you may hear a small voice asking ¨why is this year going to be any different? I still haven’t written my novel, dropped one size, open my business…. ¨

If this resonates, never fear.

Whether you are experiencing a general malaise with the way your circumstances look right t now, or life has thrown you a major curveball in the form of illness or loss, I believe anyone can use the new year as a fuel and inspirations to start rebuilding a sense of optimism and hopefulness.

Humans are defined by our beliefs of what is possible. The moment we change our mindset, we change everything. We are surrounded by examples, the most tangible ones the athletes. When they break a new record, the rest of the athletes follow. Did the human body change for all? Or did all get superhuman powers? No, of course. One person believed it was possible, and then the rest started thinking ¨I can do as well¨

That is how possibility works: the first step to create changes is to expand your belief system.

And this is why is so important to follow role models, so you can see it is possible. Success leaves clues, and it is very important to follow them. Your mind expands, and you believe you can also do it, because you are enough.

Success is a choice. Most of the times what block us is a sense of faulty belief system. Stop judging yourself and instead think about how your experiences are teaching you to be more successful. The most important is not to achieve all your goals but learn through the process. And to do that you need to briefly look back to move forward.

We ´ve all got the raw materials, a mind, this creative force in us, and a world of pure potential and possibility.

The first step in overcoming limiting beliefs is to identify those beliefs. The beliefs that you hold are either empowering, or, dis-empowering. It should never be a question of which belief is right versus wrong.

Overcoming limiting beliefs requires that you replace each of them with new and more empowering ways of thinking! To create a new belief, it must be believable.  So, your challenge is to create new pieces of self-talk, perspective, life philosophies, or slogans that really resonate with you on an experiential level.

Let me help you with a simple but powerful exercise.

In a piece of paper draw a vertical line dividing the page. On your left-hand side, write the limiting beliefs you have for yourself to externalize them, and you will see either that they are not true (you don’t have any evidence) or they are partially true. On the right-hand side, put them in positive

To detect your limiting beliefs, you can ask yourself questions such:

1.What rules have I created in my life that could be limiting my ability to get started with my goal?

2. What pessimistic thoughts reoccur in my head every time I think about pursuing this dream?

3. What unnecessary assumptions do I make about achieving and committing to this goal?

Now , on the right hand side you need to replace them with empowering  ways of thinking about you

1.What adjectives or words could I use to describe myself that make me feel good?

2.How can I create empowering beliefs by creating my own quotes, aphorisms or life philosophies that will support my goals?

3.Think of a person who has already achieved your desired goal. What attitudes, ways of thinking, and mindsets do they adopt to be the successful person they are?

The more unique your new beliefs are, and the more you believe them, the more empowering and effective they will be for you! Overcoming limiting beliefs requires that you commit to reading these new beliefs every day, or every week.

You might want to post them in a visible place such as on your mirror! Also, always be on the look-out, and pay attention to quotes, stories or mindsets that are appealing to you. If you resonate with these ways of thinking, then be sure to jot them down in your journal or write them somewhere visible so you can see them.

The more you read these new beliefs, the more ingrained they will become in your subconscious mind.

Congratulations on overcoming your limiting beliefs! (Well, at least congratulations on getting the process started. You’ll have to read these new beliefs frequently.)

This is the very first step of the series I will be sharing with you to help you to use your power of possibility. And you have the the raw material!

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All the best