18. Feb, 2018

#screwprocrastination Community -Law of Action

And this is the Law that is creating the community # screwprocrastination

The Law of Action states that you must take action to get what you desire. You cannot bring what you want into being, without taking action.Yes, positive affirmations and visualization are important, but everything first starts as a thought in your mind.Without action, these are merely daydreams.Action along with positive intention is what brings your dream to life.Only you know the actions you must take . First, think about it, visualize it, make a goal chart and then take action. You may not know every action to take to get you to your end results, but if you start moving in the direction of your desires, then the doors will start to open. Make the first move, however small. If you don't take the first step you will never take the second and your desires will remain forever in your mind( good place to start, not a good place to stay!!)

¨The future depends on what you do today¨ Mahatma Ghandi

All the best. Nieves