17. Mar, 2018

#ScrewProcrastinationTakeAction Community -Join!


I have created the group #ScrewProcrastinationTakeAction




Join and share!

Share this group with all your friends and you will enter into a competition to win a free mentoring session with me! The raffle will be done among the top 3 sharers!

I was going to make a little intro about the group but I think you can get an idea by watching this video!

This is the official Group for my , soon to be released ! book #ScrewProcrastinationTakeAction future readers and ww.fastracktorefocus.co.uk followers!

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I want this group to be inclusive and diverse and, the most important, to incorporate your thoughts and techniques so it is THE book and THE group about fighting against procrastination, which it is the major problem for most of us.

I started my leadership career back in 1991 and my Coaching business in 2016 and I’ve collected so many experiences and learned so much along the way: the main reason why people and businesses do not achieve their goals is because they procrastinate!

How many of us are extremely good putting plans together( and sometimes not even that!) but not taking action?


And this is why this group is different because the idea is to share plenty of tools, simple advice and help each other to help you take the first step.I want this hub to be positive and meaningful. And fun!

On top of sharing plenty of advice and tools, we are going to have :

#MotivationMonday! So you can write and share the goals for your week! And have plenty of accountability partners!

#WayToGoWednesday! Here you will have the opportunity to promote yourself and share things you are proud of!

#FridayWins! Where you will share their biggest wins, the biggest accomplishments of the week!

Join, share and start leaving your comments now! Keep returning to the group, discuss it with your friends and invite them to participate!

Good vibes!