3. Jun, 2018

A Simple Formula to Discover Your Passion, Talent, and Values

Everybody is a genius.
But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid

When is the last time you did something and completely lost track of time?

Finding our natural talents can be quite difficult to do. For me, it took me decades to find out that I wanted to help people to achieve their goals.

Much like many other people, discovering what your talents are can be extremely hard to figure out.

In a perfect world, everyone would get to use their strengths at work every day.

Unfortunately, that's not the case for most people. In fact, 63% of workers worldwide are not engaged in their work. This doesn't even include the 24% who are actively disengaged.

While there are multiple reasons for this, one of the key factors is most workers don't get to use their natural talents at work on a daily basis.

Think about it. In nature, eagles can fly between 75 and 125 miles a day. Wild elephants can roam up to 50 miles a day. If that eagle or elephant is locked-up in a cage, they're not living the way they were made to live. They've been stifled, suffocated, trapped.

Similarly, millions of workers aren't able to do what they were made to do on a daily basis.


I first learned about the hedgehog concept in Jim Collins' book, Good to Greatwhich explores how companies go from mediocrity to greatness. He found that every great company, and the great people within them, approaches life with a “hedgehog strategy.”

 “There are two types of people in this world: hedgehogs and foxes.”

The fox knows many things.He is cunning and smart.

The hedgehog uses only one strategy but executes it to perfection. Whatever the fox tries, the hedgehog defends himself with what he knows how to do best.

So when they face each other, the fox tries a new strategy, but the hedgehog always wins.

In real life, foxes are those who always try new strategies to achieve their goals.
Hedgehogs, on the other hand, are those who stick to a simple strategy. Hedgehogs are consistent. They trust the process, and they methodically work towards achieving their ”dream job.”

It is simple, it is effective, and executed to perfection.

However, these strategies did not just come out of nowhere. They were deeply rooted self-awareness and understanding of what you are deeply passionate about, what you are naturally skilled in, and what drives your economic engine. 

All of us know the importance of these factors to some degree. Almost everyone has discovered at least 1 of these circles within themselves.

Many people have even found the answer to 2 of them. However, unfortunately, that is where the vast majority end their search. There’s nothing wrong with discovering only two circles, but below we will explore why they will not lead to greatness.

Passion & Value

If you ignore your natural talent, and only focus on finding a job that you are passionate about, you won’t reach your true potential. You will not make a great contribution to society, and we will not get to see your unique masterpiece.

Value & Talent

If you only focus on what people will pay you for, and what you can become the best in the world at, then you will not be able to tap into the passion you’ll need to push your comfort zone and achieve something great.

Talent & Passion

If you focus only on what you can become the best the world at, and what you’re passionate about, then you will not learn how to create something that is truly valuable to society.

Most people stop searching after discovering 2 of these circles. There's nothing wrong with that, as it will lead to a good life. But to achieve a great life, no matter what a "great life" is to you, you must continue to search for all 3.

The brutal fact, though, is that happiness doesn't put food on the table.


After learning about the hedgehog concept, I have been on a mission to discover all 3 of my circles.

It has not been easy. But with each step, I'm getting a little bit closer to understanding how I can leave this world a little bit better than I found it. I'm writing about this today because I have taken a big step in the last month towards discovering my 3 circles.


Good is the enemy of great. Since I first read those words, I've tried to live them every day of my life.

So I wrote this post as a challenge for you to begin searching for your 3 circles. 

Whatever your definition of greatness is, if you discover the intersection of your unique passion, talent, and value to society, you will leave this world a better place than you found it.

Self-reflection Questions

Some basic but powerful questions that help you to identify your natural talents. Spend quality time on them to find them and move from good to a great life.

Here a free online test if you want to start straight away https://high5test.com/

I look forward to seeing what you accomplish.



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