Those who are demonstrating an advance in the corporate world are likely to be the companies that are constantly at the forefront of social responsibility, leadership and change. The norm for these organisations is on-going focus on these areas and rapid change in response to an ever developing and fluctuating working and economic environment.

How can you reduce employee turnover? How can you stand out with innovation? How can you improve your financials? How can you change your company culture to adapt to the new digital era and demands? How can your employees find meaning at work?  How can you be a successful entrepreneur working abroad?

I seek to help with these questions:

#1. Values. The values of an organization make measurable difference in productivity and financial performance, executive perceive units are more effective and these units realized higher employee and customer retention.

#2. Leadership. A good manager, or a bad one, affects every aspect of your organization—employee engagement, productivity, turnover, and profitability. Having great managers doesn’t usually happen on its own. Managers don’t inherently know how to support, develop, motivate, and engage their people.

Managers who know how to bring out the best in their people, create great places to work, and deliver real bottom-line results for their organizations.

#3. Change. The question whether to embrace change or not, is no longer a relevant question to ask. Change is a given and the pace of change is only likely to increase in the future.

  • Do you want to improve the ability of your organisation to cope with changes and its environment?
  • Do you want to develop the behaviour of your teams and leaders within the organisation to cope and deal with those changes?
  • Do you want to be one of these successful organisations that lead its individuals to feel engaged and get on board for the drive forward?

Leaders are the heart of your organization. Coaching can help them to achieve operational goals while creating a great workplace experience for their people.

Who Uses an Executive Coach?

Executive Coaching is used by businesses who want to shift the organisation from compliance to commitment, so that they can achieve competitive advantage.

  • Corporate Executives and Managers who need to deal with an ever-increasing stressful, challenging and results-focused workplace
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who are looking to succeed in their business but recognise the need for an independent confidential 'sounding board'

Typical Executive Coaching areas include:

  • Focusing you as the leader towards results
  • Partnership in your journey towards greater competence and effectiveness
  • Engaging you in the specific leadership challenges that you face
  • Link teams to the goals and point out the need for you to set specific expectations of your teams to achieve greater results
  • Helping you gain more confidence and competence in your leadership ability

I have a fundamental desire to make great things happen for our clients. Awakening individuals and organisations up to their full potential

I make it easy for you

Let me help you, your team and organization to become better leaders by going through our bespoke services:  1 to 1 or team sessions, workshops and conferences.

I travel around the country and globe to help you maximize the budget and time you have available: face to face or online individual and team coaching sessions, skype, telephone, Spanish or English sessions depending on your preferences.

As you can see the programs are flexible and focused on individuals, overseas leaders & entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises or big organizations but all of them with a unique goal: to make you successful.

If you don’t want another year feeling stuck and you are looking for a practical, results-oriented breakthrough for you or your business, contact me on 07448947145 or at