The Tree of My Life

GRAB the Tree of My Life and get a unique vision board. It is an unfinished tree that you will continue drawing and labeling. Keep reading.

Like a tree, your life is in continuous change. If you nourish it, it will grow. If you don´t, it will either die or it will continue growing but the tree won’t give the fruits it is supposed to give.

This is why you can continue drawing this tree, this vision board. Because, like you, it is going to change and grow and give fruits( achievements) during your life.

It is a visual metaphor in which a tree represents your life and the various elements that make it and that you have worked in the book. It can be your vision board as it represents: your values, your talents, your strengths, your goals, the important areas of your life, your satisfaction levels, your accountability partners and the most important: Your Achievements .

All in one: In the Tree of My Life.

By labelling these parts, you can actively cultivate your tree to reflect the kind of person you want to become.

It is going to grow with you if you nourish it. Keep drawing.

Like a tree, your life is in continuous change and constantly growing.

Some new branches will grow (representing new goals), beneath which smaller ones will appear  (to measure your level of satisfaction levels). These will grow (as your level of satisfaction grows). Some branches  will stop growing as they have reached their highest potential. But don’t worry:  new ones will appear!

It will be exciting when you can actually see the results: the fruits, the flowers, leaves, depending on your tree.

Think about the tree that you like the most. The one that inspires you and that you enjoy looking at.

In my case, is the orange tree.

The most important thing is the inspiration not the actual quality of the drawing. It has to be something that you enjoy, that resonates with you!

The Roots

The roots represent your values.

Your Tree of Life is nurtured by your values. Draw the roots and name them. See your values on the exercise you did in the book

Like a tree, your values will change through your life. Keep drawing them so whatever you do, you are loyal to your values. It is the main motivation to work towards your goals.

The Trunk

As you know, trees look for the light to grow. And you see them growing in the direction of the light.

The trunk represents your light. Finding your light. Finding your talents so you can dedicate the rest of your life working on goals that are supported by strong roots (your values) and a strong trunk (your talents). See your talents on the exercise you did in the chapter: Find your Talents

The Branches

The branches will represent the areas of your life. Similar to what you did in your Wheel of Life. See chapter Wheel of Life 

At the end of each branch, write your goal and motivation. Where do you want to get and Why?

At the beginning of each branch, write the strengths you have that will nourish the branch and make it strong and able to grow to achieve the goal.

Close to the trunk, draw a small branch beneath the other that will represent your current satisfaction level in this area of your life. As you work toward this goal, continue drawing and make it bigger if you are making progress!

Along the main branch, draw other branches that will need to grow to achieve your end goal. These will represent the areas that you need to focus on to achieve your goal. They will represent actions and habits!

The Leaves

Write down the names of your Accountability Partners for each goal. See chapter  Accountability Partners

The Fruits and the flowers

This will be the exciting part. When you get the results, you have been working for, your tree will give you the fruits. In my case, I will get oranges!

Enjoy the colour, smell, and taste of your fruits! It is all thanks to your efforts!

Throughout the year, keep drawing your fruits/flowers when you achieve a goal to keep the momentum going.

Visualize your tree

I found that the drawing of The Tree of My Life was particularly satisfying and helped me to visualize my life in a holistic way . I found it extremely helpful to think that if I nourish it, it will keep changing and growing to the point of giving me fruits!

It helped me to be aware of the present, and work on my future on a daily basis, and be aware that its health and fruits depend on me nourishing my tree, on my actions. It helped me to be in contact with the natural world and with my Being.

I used my tree as my vision board and I also use it during my meditations. This is an example of the Tree of My Life.™

GRAB the Tree of My Life and get a unique vision board. It is an unfinished tree that you will continue drawing and labeling through the years!
All the best